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PROOF is recognition for farmers that produce free range, pastured eggs, pork, chicken, beef and lamb from animals that have been raised on pasture in open fields. The focus of PROOF  is the on farm management of livestock in a farming system that provides unrestricted daytime access to actively managed, pastured range areas in an environment that encourages purposeful use of those areas. The program is your farmers promise that the standards they operate to are transparent and easy to understand. This is their voluntary commitment to you.

What Does Pastured Mean?   'All livestock are raised outdoors with continuous and unrestricted daytime access to paddocks that are suitable for grazing and are provided with shade and shelter. All animals must use the paddocks each day unless; they choose to shelter because of inclement weather, short term confinement for veterinary treatment or when giving birth. Feed supplements are available to ensure all their nutritional needs are met. Animals are kept at a stocking intensity that will ensure forage is always available in an actively managed rotational grazing system.''

Pastured eggs and pork from pigs and chickens roaming around out in the open, free to graze, root around in the earth, peck, dust bathe, roost and investigate their outdoor surroundings, sheep and cattle that enjoy the freedom of a paddock, that is what you expect from a free range farm!

We promote PASTURED as the true measure of free range food production. Raising pigs and chickens in the outdoors in Australia is nothing new, it has been practiced for centuries and it wasn't until around the 1950's that intensive, housed production systems were born.  Pastured pork and egg farming is a little old fashioned really but that's just the way we like it and given the rise in demand for free range pork, eggs and chicken, so do you!   

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If you are looking for help starting your pastured egg and pork business, you are in the right place.  We are all about promoting and empowering true free range farmers. Check out the Pig or Poultry Pages for more info, our farming books or, if you really want a head start,  sign up for an online course!

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