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Are you looking for proof that the free range eggs, pork, chicken beef or lamb you are buying is truly free range?  Look not further!  Here you will find a listing of PROOF Licensees and Members. Visit our farmers and their stories about their journey to pastured farming. You will be able to find outlets for PROOF Licensed product, contact details for the farmers and the opportunity to visit their website so you can learn more about how their pigs, chickens, poultry cattle or sheep are raised.

Our list of licensed pastured pork, egg, poultry and beef producers is growing all the time so check back regularly to see whats new.  The farms listed below are licensed to use the Pasture Raised On Open Fields logo or are registered members. The PROOF logo in the listing distinguishes which.  Click on their links and find out more about our farmers and the pasture raised product they offer.

PROOF Licensees under go an on farm audit before certification can be approved.  These farms are monitored and randomly inspected for ongoing compliance.

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