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Pig Farming Books, Environmental Management Plans, Farm Plans and Training Courses.

We offer a selection of pig farmings books ranging from the back yard farm right through to starting a pastured pig farming business.  Whether you just want to raised a couple of pigs for the home freezer or delve into to nitty gritty of profitable free range farming, we have you covered.

Lee McCosker is the author of the titles and offer.  Lee has many, many years of experience of free range pork production backed by studies in the fields of animal nutrition and sustainability.   These popular titles have help many newcomers get started on the right path to a successful pig farming business with the goal always to help you to avoid the pitfalls and problems so many experience when first learning about pigs!

Click of the preview button for each book to see what they are all about.  Happy reading!

Our books are now supplied directly through the publisher Lulu

Environmental Plans

Environmental Management Plans or Statement of Environmental Effect for a free range piggery. Pro forma plans to suit your farm and location. Full instructions given. Special Offer $149.00

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Farm Plans

Quality Management System / Farm Plan.  Full Farm Management system to implement on your piggery.  Full instructions. $99.00

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Pastured Egg & Pig Farming Courses

We offer online farming courses.  Events & Courses

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