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Join us and become a part of the network.  We are here to help and encourage and promote sustainable and profitable pastured free range farmers.  Being a part of PROOF assists you with training and in marketing your free range business and telling your story, and also gives you access to our members' resources pages that are invaluable when you are starting out in pastured free range or even expanding.

As a Licensee, you are able to display the PROOF logo on your packaging giving you an advantage over the competition, but it will also allow your customers to offer the assurances to their clients about how your animals are farmed.

All paid memberships have access to our full Quality Assurance manual and related documentation that will enable you to put management systems in place on your farm at no cost.

There are two levels of PROOF membership:

  • Licensee
  • Member

Learn more about becoming a Licensee


  • PROOF Core Values
  • Random audits
  • Training modules
  • Peer review
  • Displays the PROOF Licensee Logo
  • Fee schedule


  • PROOF Core Values
  • Farms are not audited
  • Logo must not be displayed on packaging


The opinions, advice and information contained in this website have not been provided at the request of any person but are offered by  PROOF and Australian Pig Farmers solely for informational purposes. While the information provided has been formulated in good faith, it should not be relied on as a substitute for professional advice. Australian Pig Farmers, PROOF or Free Range Farm Management do not accept liability in respect of any action taken by any person in reliance on the content of this publication.

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