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Do you want to be a successful pastured pork or egg producer?

We want you to be a success and become a part of this expanding industry.  Avoid the pitfalls, be aware of you legal obligations and what codes and regulations you need to follow. We know how important it is to get the right information and guidance when starting out in any business venture and that is what we will deliver to you at our workshops. You will also become a part of our network with ongoing help and resources.

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Loved the work shop and lee and her husband were fantastic. Speaking in real terms and language beginners understand without the hype and sales motives of others. Will recommend to anyone interested in starting backyard operation or small scale sustainable farming.

It was a wonderful day thankyou for everything, so loved the farm visit the hosts were very friendly and no question was to big or to small. Kaye

Workshop provided up front view of all aspects pasture raised egg production. Extremely valuable information presented in an easy to follow format. This is a must do course if you are thinking about pastured egg production. The investment of your time and money to do this course will pay dividends. J.

"If you're after excellent training in free range pig farming - this is it!!  A fantastic combination of practical, theory with  wealth of experience makes this a 'MUST DO'' course for all pig farmers."
Fiona O'Rourke - Braestone Ridge

"An excellent course.  Fully worthwhile for those interested in pigs as a lifestyle or a commercial aspect.  Well done."
  Daniel Todd

"Excellent start to free range pig farming - very informative!!"

"Fantastic! Very informative with chance to establish networks with other interested people"  Vicky Sisson

"A very thorough coverage of how to get started including the pitfalls"
  Kim House

"I thoroughly recommend attending the free range pig seminar to get an insight into whether free range pig farming is for you or not.  There is a lot to consider from go to whoa, so I suggest some research before attending so you know what it is you want to get out of this seminar.  I am so much better informed to make a decision.  Thanks Lee!!  Joanne Stritch

"So much information and all of it was very understandable and I don't have pigs!"  Liz Doyle

"Even after having pigs on the farm for 15 years I learn't tons from this course".  Peter Barge

"A wonderful informative and stimulating experience enhanced by viewing a birth and hands on handling procedures in caring for free range pigs."  Doreen McGuiness

"Important information for anyone wanting learn and understand real free range pork production" Janet Jeffs

"This weekend was so helpful for me to make my decision more clear on the direction I am going with my pigs".

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