PROOF - Pasture Raised On Open Fields

PROOF Core Values

  • All animals* are able to range freely in open fields or paddocks

  • Animals will not be kept in cages, stalls or crates

  • All animals are kept at stocking densities that will ensure access to forage and grazing and; in the case of layer hens, shall not exceed 1,500 per hectare

  • Densely confined production systems and feed lotting are not practiced

  • All animals are able to interact with their herd or flock and to carry out natural behaviours

  • All animals will be protected from predation

  • Animals will be fed to meet their nutritional needs as well as production requirements

  • There will be no use of growth promoters

  • *with the exception of very young poultry that are not yet sufficiently feathered

  • The Core Values are also underpinned by the Codes of Practice for the Welfare of Animals for all livestock and are complementary and additional to other health, agricultural, environmental, food and production related regulatory requirements at federal, state, territory and other relevant levels.

  • In particular, we acknowledge the stocking densities for livestock that are set out in the Codes of Practice which include:

  • 1,500 layer hens per hectare

  • 9 - 14 lactating sows per hectare (in a rotational grazing system)

  • 20 - 25 dry sows per hectare (in a rotational grazing system)