Why become a PROOF Licensee?

Benefits of being a PROOF Licensee

  • Market your product through the PROOF network and website
  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainable pastured farming
  • Offer your customers peace of mind about your free range status
  • Join a network of like-minded farmers
  • Help when you need it
  • Free Food Safety Risk Assessment or HACCP plan
  • Free Quality Management System to implement on your farm
  • Free Plan to guide you through best practice on farm
  • Free record templates
  • Member only Forum to ask questions and help others

Establish your place in the market

It is becoming harder and harder to compete in a market that has been opened up to 'intensive' free range corporations.  It is impossible to compete with the prices offered by lessor production systems that survive on economies of scale.  

Consumers have lost a lot of faith in egg carton labelling and free range claims and to make you stand out from the crowd  you need to be able to offer proof that you are the brand they can trust.

You don't have to compete with these producers when you set yourself apart from them with PROOF certification!

Don't get into price wars or spend hours and hours trying to sell the benefits of your product against the competition.  Let your product sell itself and get the price you deserve, not what the general market has set for you.

Being a part of PROOF is the same as making a huge statement about the qualities of your pastured pork, eggs, chicken, beef or lamb.  A statement that can be verified with your PROOF Licensee Logo.

People are always asking for proof that the product that they are buying is true free range or that it was genuinely raised on pasture - give it to them!


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