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Pork Industry Stockperson Training

Training requirements for pig farmers in Australa

The Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals – Pigs states that “pigs must be cared for by personnel who are skilled in pig husbandry and are competent to maintain the health and welfare of the animals in accordance with the Standards listed in this Code, or are under direct supervision of such personnel”. The competency requirements outlined the Model Code have been regulated in each State, and can vary slightly between States.

Australia has a set of guidelines for pig welfare, Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals - Pigs, but also has regulations in regard to pig welfare.  These regulations are mirrored across all states in the country but are named differently so you will need to find the document that applies to the state you live in and what requirements you must meet to comply with legislation.

o   NSW - Animal Welfare Code of Practice – Commercial Pig Production
o   Victoria - The Victorian Standards and Guidelines for the Welfare of Pigs
o   South Australia – Animal Welfare Regulation 2012
o   Queensland – Animal Care and Protection Regulation 2012
o   Western Australia – Animal Welfare (Pig Industry) Regulation 2010
o   Tasmania - Animal Welfare (Pigs) Regulations 2013

Training with PROOF

Pastured Pig Farming

Free Range farming management courses will be one or two day-long workshops designed to teach people about owning and breeding pigs and free range pig production as well as advanced classes designed around stockperson competency requirements.  The course applies this training to pastured free range pigs as well as setting up a pig farm, marketing options and pig nutrition for outdoor pigs.  Online and on farm training options.

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Certificate III Pork Production

NEW You can now study free range pork production at TAFE!

  • Care for heath and welfare of outdoor pigs
  • Monitor and maintain outdoor pig production
  • Conduct outdoor pig operations
  • Maintain outdoor pig production environment
  • Are you working in the pork industry and want to learn more to advance your career? Our Certificate III Pork Production is the qualification for you. This course is for people who want to further develop their technical skills for positions such as stockperson or animal attendant in the pork industry. You will learn about safe work practices and pork production, as well as selected skills areas such as livestock production; pig health management and implementing feeding plans. learn more about this course ....


Pork Industry Stockperson Skill Set

Meet industry welfare and quality assurance requirements for stockpersons working in the pork industry. The Statement of Attainment in Pork Industry Stockperson Skill Set will start you on your path to becoming a pig farmer, teaching you skills such as how to administer medication to livestock, care for the health and welfare of pigs, implement animal health control programs and quality assurance procedures.

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