Pastured Eggs

Pastured Egg Farming

Pastured Egg Farming - Starting Out by Lee McCosker

This book is an introduction to the business of farming pastured eggs for profit. Its aim is to not only arm you with all the ‘must do’s’, but to give you a clear understanding of why the must do’s are so important.  Knowing how things work and why they do puts you in the driver’s seat and better able to steer your new business towards becoming a highly productive farm with the best outcomes for the welfare and health of your hens and that means,  a healthy bottom line.

Pastured egg farming can be very rewarding and quickly turn a profit but your success will depend on how well equipped you are with the right knowledge and prepared for what is ahead.  It’s not much use being told that you just need to feed then hens a certain percentage of protein, that you will get so many eggs per day, that you just need to clean, grade, package and deliver your eggs, birds are usually vaccinated and that you will need to replace your flock every so often, if you don’t know why.  It is just as important to know what can go wrong and how to rectify and prevent it, and that is the purpose of this book.  We want you to be successful and build a respected brand that is here for the long term, not just until the first problem occurs in the flock!

It is NOT the aim of this book to sell you any ‘fluff’ so it won’t be full of hype and sales pitches, just experience, knowledge and when necessary, good old fashioned science to back up what you are reading.

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Inside the book

  • What are Pastured Eggs?
  • The Egg Market 
  • What you need to know before you get started
  • Knowing your market 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Getting Started
  • Council Approval
  • Site Selection
  • The Hens
  • Day old chicks or point of lay pullets?
  • Housing
  • Fencing
  • Perches and Nest Boxes
  • Access to the Outdoor Range
  • Stocking Rates

  • Water
  • Beak trimming and de-beaking
  • Protection from Predators
  • Bird Management 
  • Rearing your own birds
  • Pullet Nutrition
  • Training your birds
  • Moulting
  • Daylight and artificial light
  • Culling the Flock
  • Identifying non-laying hens
  • Feather pecking and other behaviours
  • Nutrition
  • Maximizing and Maintaining Egg Lay Rate
  • Free Choice Feeding
  • Pasture as a food source

  • Disease Management
  • Vaccinations
  • Biosecurity
  • The Eggs
  • Yolk Colour
  • Collecting and Cleaning Eggs
  • Dry cleaning eggs
  • Egg Washing
  • Candling Eggs
  • Grading Eggs
  • Egg Stamping
  • Egg Packaging
  • Food Safety
  • Salmonella
  • Pasture Management
  • Getting Down to Business

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