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Free Range Pork

Lets just call the real thing, the pork that is raised outdoors with free access to grazing, Pastured!

The futile arguments, misleading advertisements and gimmicky marketing have proved just one point - anyone can take advantage when there are no legal guidelines to follow.  The sad thing is, the consumer is taken for a ride, the pigs do not get to live the life we would like to envisage for them and the farmer cannot compete on price with a lessor product that is labelled the same. 

Its time to walk away from the term free range because it means very little now that the industry has destroyed its integrity. The free range egg industry has seen to it that free range will legally mean just access to the outdoors with no need for the animals to actually go outside.  It also now means huge stocking rates.  At least the egg industry has a limit of 10,000 hens, there is no such cap for our pigs!

Taste the difference

If you are lucky enough to have found true free range pastured pork, you will want a sure way to be able to repeat the experience.  The flavour and texture  are amazing, so different from the dry and bland stuff from the supermarket.  Pastured pork tastes different because it is different!  The pigs are able to exercise freely and build natural muscles without the aid of growth promoters.  They get to wander with the herd and interact and do not suffer the same stress as intensively housed pigs. Their diet is varied, and like we always say - pigs take on the flavour of their environment.  Think about that statement for a second ....

How can you find Pastured Pork?

You wont find it in the supermarkets.  You will find it at farmers markets, specialty butchers and retailers, fine providores, small supermarket chains and other boutique outlets.  Where ever you buy your pastured or free range pork from, you must ask for proof that the farm raised these animals to your expectations and that they did spend a life in the outdoors.

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