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A Consumer Guide to Free Range Pastured Eggs, Pork and Chicken

We know that the egg aisle has become a confusing place.  It is not much better in the meat cabinets either when trying to buy free range pork and chicken. Instead of having to understand every industry term or description like free range, cage free, barn raised, caged or pastured for meat and eggs, we hope to earn your trust so you can simply reach for packaging that displays the PROOF logo with confidence.  We know our farmers are doing the right thing for the hens, pigs, chickens, our farmers' futures, and for your family.  Our farmers are unique in this industry because they are willing to promise you that their animals are raised outdoors just as you would expect. There is a better way of doing things than intensive farming and our dedicated farmers are proof of that.

The PROOF Core Values

  • All animals are able to range freely in open fields or paddocks
  • Animals will not be kept in cages, stalls or crates
  • All animals are kept at stocking densities that will ensure access to forage and grazing and; in the case of layer hens, shall not exceed 1,500 per hectare
  • Densely confined production systems and feed lotting are not practiced
  • All animals are able to interact with their herd or flock and to carry out natural behaviours
  • All animals will be protected from predators
  • Animals will be fed to meet their nutritional needs as well as production requirements
  • There will be no use of growth promoters


The opinions, advice and information contained in this website have not been provided at the request of any person but are offered by  PROOF and Australian Pig Farmers solely for informational purposes. While the information provided has been formulated in good faith, it should not be relied on as a substitute for professional advice. Australian Pig Farmers, PROOF or Free Range Farm Management do not accept liability in respect of any action taken by any person in reliance on the content of this publication.

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