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Environmental Management Plans

Looking for help writing and developing your environmental management plan or statement to go with your planning application? 

We understand how daunting it can be so we have taken the hard work out of writing your plan by developing one for you!

This easy to use plan guides you through the compliance issues and conditions that councils will be looking to address on your pig farm.  You simply add the unique details for your operation and we provide you with instructions on how to do that.  This is your plan, so add or delete any information you please so that you are confident your plan will meet with approval.

We will provide you with a pro-forma Environmental Management Plan that you fill in with information that is relevant and unique to your farm. The plan includes detailed instructions.

The EMP (or Farm Management Plan) template that is provided needs to be completed by you to reflect the conditions on your farm and any state or local council requirements that you are required to comply with.  You will be the author of this document.

A Herd Health Plan is included with your EMP at no extra cost

Each state has different planning laws and therefore different rules when it comes to the number of pigs that can be kept before a development application is needed and sometimes it seems unclear where a free range piggery fits within the plans or scheme.  It is important that you find out what is required under your local planning scheme and you can do this by contacting local council or visiting their website and searching for 'piggery' or intensive agriculture.  You can also search 'extensive agriculture' to clarify that definition in your state.

Click the links below to download a plan for the state you are setting up your farm in

Sustainable Farms

 training, herd health, stocking densities, housing, feed and feed storage, quiet handling, pasture management, topography, soils, land liable to flooding, fencing, record keeping, water supply, re-use of waste waters, additional buffer zones, prevailing wind conditions, effluent/manure management, paddock rotations, nutrient recycling, comparative effluent loads, impact mitigation, odour and waster management, composting, flies and fly breeding, noise, sheds, effluent disposal to land, stormwater, surface/ground water, carcass management, biosecurity, chemical storage and handling, traffic volume and delivery of feed, visual amenity, land use and zoning

These plans are available for FREE to financial members of PROOF.  learn more ....

Victoria planning requirements are changing


EMP - QLD, NSW, SA $129

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