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Egg Producer Codes, Laws and Guidelines

Australian Consumer Law (Free Range Egg Labelling) Information Standard 2017

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Egg Producer License

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Egg producers are businesses or farms that produce more than 20 dozen eggs for sale in any week.

These businesses may also assess eggs for quality (eg. by weight, size) and dry clean dirty eggs.


If you are proposing to undertake primary production or processing activities in relation to eggs you need to apply for accreditation under the Egg and Egg Products Scheme (the Egg Scheme).


Producers with 50 or more egg producing birds

You must have and follow a DEDJTR approved food safety management statement OR be part of an approved industry or commercial quality assurance (QA) program.


 Egg producers must be accredited if they are involved in any of the following:

  • ·       Have more than 50 laying birds.
  • ·       Produce and sell eggs to a food business such as a supermarket, café, hotel or bakery.
  • ·       Produce and sell eggs to another egg producer.
  • ·       Produce and sell eggs at a market (e.g. a farmers’ market).
  • ·       Produce and sell eggs by wholesale.

Backyard producers who give eggs to friends and family do not need to be accredited.


All poultry and egg producers, whether backyard or commercial, are required to comply with the laws and regulations relevant to their business regardless of the type of production system (organic, free range, barn, cage).


The Egg Food Safety Scheme introduces a mandatory accreditation requirement for commercial egg producers based on the volume of eggs produced.

This production threshold is 20 dozen eggs in any week (and is the equivalent of keeping approximately 50 egg laying birds).

Egg Processing

Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code - Standard 4.2.5 – Primary Production and Processing Standard for Eggs and Egg Product.

Egg Food Safety Scheme of Food Regulation 2015 (NSW)

(you will need to find the equivalent in your state)

Egg Stamping

Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code - Standard 4.2.5 – Primary Production and Processing Standard for Eggs and Egg Product

Codes of Practice

Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals – Domestic Poultry

Environmental Guidelines for the Australian Egg Industry



Public health and safety of eggs and egg products in Australia

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