PROOF - Pasture Raised On Open Fields
Pigs, Pasture and Profit

FREE free range pastured pig farming resources

We are building a free resource here to help you with the many questions you have about starting a free range pig farm.

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How do I start a pastured pig farm?  There are some really important things yo need to consider BEFORE you start your free range piggery.

Mange in pigs is something you need to be able to recognize and treat quickly or it will have a huge impact on your herd.  Here is an easy guide to symptoms and treatment  

Laws, regulations and codes!  There are quite a few you need to know about if your are an Australian Pig Farmer

Dont worry, this is not an R rated video.  It is simply a sow giving birth.  Google have restricted its viewing 

Do you need council approval for a pastured free range pig farm?  Most probably yes and we discuss it in detail here.

How you manage your herd will have a huge impact on how much money you make. Here we discuss the areas that need the most attention to keep you profitable.